Interruptions (May issue of MennoExpressions)

I was trading messages with Michele, one of this issue’s contributors, and she joked that her “first thought about ‘interruptions’ is ‘my life’. Because when you are a parent, your life is just pretty much one of constant interruptions, isn’t it?” Seriously.

But whether we’re parents or not, we’re all bombarded with interruptions, big and small, as we move throughout our lives. Some of these interruptions are pesky, some are life-changing, some are welcomed, some are not. All of them make for some interesting reading and reflection here. Thanks for reading MennoExpressions!

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Dirt (the February issue of MennoExpressions)

In this issue of MennoExpressions, you’ll find artwork and prose themed around Dirt: the content includes stills from an experimental video performance in which dirt is used instead of makeup; reflections how dirt makes us clean; a story about repurposing contaminated property (where a dry cleaners used to operate) into a thriving community garden; a photo essay on compost; plus beautiful artwork and poetry. I think you’ll find something to dig your toes into. Enjoy!

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We welcomed Bob Brown and his family into our FMC congregation.
OCT 02,2016 –       Co-Pastor Bob Brown joins FMC
OCT 16,2016 –       FMC Installation of Co-Pastor Bob Brown

His background includes:
Masters of Arts, Bible (focus on Old Testament)
Luther Seminary, Saint Paul, MN
Bachelors of Science, Computer Information Systems
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA

Pastoral Experience includes:
Stahl Mennonite Church (MCUSA), Johnstown, PA. Solo Pastor
Solomon’s Porch (Independent), Minneapolis, MN, Lay Pastor of Discipleship

He arrived here, from Pennsylvania, with his wife and son and is eager to learn and add his skills to the church.


Hurdles are present in each of our lives. Some are easy to see and therefore easy for us to make a plan to get over them. Others are not as clearly seen or recognized. Contributors to this issue of MennoExpressions discuss several different hurdles: those in our education system, emotional and physical hurdles during a painful pilgrimage, and a growing awareness of what advantages a white mom doesn’t share with her black children. What is a hurdle you are currently facing?

MennoExpressions Aug 2016 FINAL hurdles

In the Midst of…. the May MennoExpressions issue

“In the midst of” seems to have struck a chord with our contributors. Not only are there glimpses into the lives of 22 (!) FMCers and SMCers (these interviews alone are worth opening the issue!) but other contributors share unique perspectives on what they are in the midst of, including:

  • Karen West’s perennial search for harmony (her preferred term to “work/life balance”);
  • Catherine Swanson’s haunting poem about a family who has fled their home and is desperately searching for a country to take them in;
  • Jen and Nate Christophel Lichti’s exploration of their transition away from church and towards deeper community within their own family and with others;
  • Martha Yoder Maust narrates what she sees in her downtown neighborhood as she takes a Saturday morning walk, while Pattie Mishler explores the gifts walking gives her;
  • Two FMC college students reflect on their experiences living in France and Peru, respectively, this spring; and
  • Laura Friesen’s journey through issues of power and connectivity while she reflects on Steve’s time at FMC as transitional pastor.

What are you in the midst of?

MennoExpressions May 2016_in the midst of_FINAL