” Loving Our Enemies “

October 4, 2015- Steve Thomas preaching on Matthew 5:43 – 48

Recording not availble because of technical difficulties.

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  1. John,I think you have misunderstood what I was trynig to communicate. I do not relish war. I do not pray for the death of others. I do not believe that we are free from suffering. I pray for peace.I pray for Hezbolllah that they will see the light of Christ and the peace and hope that he offers. I grieve for them and their suffering. I also pray that Israel will find the peace and hope of Christ and will no longer need to use weapons of war. I grieve for their suffering as well.John, I have seen glimpses of war first hand. I have seen the coffins of those who have been killed being wheeled by and I wept for them. I am not a war-monger. To answer Wess, I do not think war is moral, ever. Unfortunately, I believe that sometimes it is necessary. I do not believe that we should not resist evil. I do not think God is honored by us allowing people to be terrorized by a group whose only agenda is evil and destruction.Obviously I have upset you. I do not apologize for that. Everything in me wants to respond to you in the same venomous way in which you engaged me, but I do not think Christ would be glorified by it. Therefore, I want you to know that nothing you can say will make me respond to you in the way in which you attack me.Wess, to further answer your questions, I do not think that civilians will ever be free from the suffering of war. I pray for them, but unfortunately in order to ease the greater suffering, innocents have to die. This breaks my heart and keeps me up at night interceeding for them. I eagerly await Christ’s return when He will right all of these wrongs and reign in peace.

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